Putting beauty back on the brand.

The Client.
Hair Ministry, based in Ipswich is a well-established hair and beauty business with four salons in the area. The company has a very good reputation locally and was about to embark on its next stage of growth with the opening of a new salon.

The Brief.
Refresh the existing Hair Ministry brand for the launch of the new salon, making it feel fresh and modern, whilst being sympathetic to the existing branding in the other salons which will be updated over time.

The Solution.
Working alongside existing branding can bring its challenges, creating something new but that still works with the old. To successfully do this we chose to retain the typography and core logo mark but used a simplified single colour to ensure it was more responsive and agile.

Moving away from the black and hot pink of the brand we created a more mature colour palette featuring pastel shades alongside dark grey and introduced new graphic retaining boxes to draw attention without dominating.

Logo & brand identity   |    interior and exterior shop signage   |    new salon opening campaign   |    new client incentive programme   |    social media content   |    appointment cards   |    flyers